Check out the latest article University of Connecticut published about Coach Jithu and Chess:

Jithu Sajeevan is a 21-year-old Entrepreneur is a college studentreal estate agent/investor works full-time with DIG.

Jithu was born and raised in India for his first 14 years.

Jithu started as a DIG Chess Coach when he was 17 (before the pandemic). From Day 1, he was very passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of DIG students. He not only helped kids improve their chess knowledge but has also acted as a mentor to help them succeed in other parts of life. Over the past four years, he has taught/mentored 1000+ kids.

Jithu is an exceptional teacher that can connect with every student. He teaches chess and uses it as a tool to teach them many critical life skills. He has taught his kids how to be confident, build patience, show great sportsmanship, control emotions, critical thinking, and much more. He has a very close relationship with his students and their parents; many view him as a “family member”.

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