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DIG Chess is offering an incredible opportunity to purchase items that belong to MVL with his signature on them and a special opportunity to join MVL for breakfast or dinner! Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, is a French grandmaster with a peak rating of 2819, he is the seventh-highest rated player in history.

Please see the auction items with pictures and descriptions listed below. BID IT to WIN IT!

The BID starts TODAY, October 27th and runs till Thursday, November 9th!

1. BIENNE 2012

It's a shirt I wore for the friendly soccer games we had on a pitch next to the hotel. That year, Sam Shankland had played a little rough and at one point, he made a rather monumental tackle on me; but as there is a justice, I got nothing and it was him who was seriously injured, with a broken leg and a nice cast afterwards! BID Price to start is $25


This is a special shirt for me, because in the absence of Magnus and as a recent world number 2, I started this tournament as the Top seed. As is often the case, the shirt was used on the sidelines of the chess competition, including tennis during matches against Kasimdzhanov (then Caruana's second), and against St. Louis Chess Club boss and owner, Rex Sinquefield. BID Price to start is $25


Again, the T-shirt was mainly used for the sports activities, which had a very special taste that year, since during the rest day the organizers had concocted a very special program for us. Soccer match with the head in a plastic bubble , archery contest, fencing etc... With Kramnik, Aronian, Topalov and some others participating, it remains a pretty memorable recollection! BID Price to start is $25


It was the official jacket of the French team, of which I was the leader, at the 2018 Olympiads in Batumi, Georgia. I played some games with this jacket, even if sometimes it ended up on the back of my chair. I specifically remember wearing it the day of the France-Poland match in the 5th round. We were slight favorites on paper but heavily lost that match by a score of 1-3. And it was me who scored the only point of the team, against Duda! BID Price to start is $25

5. MVL Biography Book with his Signature! BID Price to start is $25

Please send an email to DIGCoachYulia@gmail.com with your highest Bid!

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