Recent Success of DIG Chess Players Through DIG Chess Team Challenge!

DIG Chess Team Challenge is a 2-week challenge *where players are divided* into 2 groups: Team Bishop and Team Rook. Each player has a variety of chess activities that they can do to score points for their team. These activities include playing chess games with their family member or online, doing chess puzzles, playing DIG Chess tournaments on the weekends etc. At the end of the challenge, the team with the most points will be invited to a 2 hour pizza party where they will play chess, nerf capture the flag, dodgeball and video games to celebrate their victory!

The challenge has been nothing but a huge success! Our players have shown significant improvements in their game!

Mehek Kalra, one of our students at our Weston location, took the challenge very seriously. She played games on and did daily puzzles every day. Before the challenge, her US Chess rating was 564. In a month of doing the challenge, her rating improved to 750!

Ishaan Dutta, also a student at our Weston location, participated in the challenge. Ishaan did the chess activities every day and participated in the weekly tournaments. His US chess rating went from 424 to 658! He gained 175 rating points in a month of doing the challenge.

Jackson Hickey, one of our students at the Greenwich location, has recorded improvement. His rating went from 216 to 538 in a month of doing the challenge! He gained 322 points in a month, and that’s the most any DIG chess player improved in a month.

Every DIG Chess student who did the challenge has improved their game dramatically. Not only does this challenge force them to play more chess at home, but also makes it fun since they want their team to win.

We are so proud to see our players grow through the team challenge, and we encourage every DIG chess kid to join the next challenge.


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