Ty’s Ready to Make Summer Experience Awesome!

We’d like to introduce to you our summer camp counselor, Ty, the strongest chess coach in our team and a key figure at this year’s camp. His two-year partnership with us, coupled with his expertise in chess will benefit children of all skill levels. Besides chess, Ty’s passion for sports, especially basketball, allows him to connect with the kids and help them have stay active in between matches through games like Nerf, Dodgeball, Soccer, and much more! Trust Ty to make your child’s summer experience fun, educational, and safe!  

The thing Ty loves the most about teaching chess is the flashbacks he gets when he watches his students ponder over the chessboard. He sees a reflection of his younger self when he first started learning the game. Every new principle, opening, trick, and rule is something that he now gets to pass down. Sharing his knowledge with them is a truly rewarding experience. He is constantly working to improve his skills, playing daily games and puzzles on Chess.com, in which he holds a rating of 2100+. He keeps tracks of his progress, targeting his areas of improvement, and reaches for new heights every day.

Ty brings his expertise as a sports coach to his role as a DIG Chess coach. His emphasis on physical fitness, discipline, and determination is matched by his commitment to fun and sportsmanship. With the energetic and enthusiastic children at our events, he ensures they channel their energy in a safe, fair, and enjoyable way. Oh, and he never fails to make us laugh!

Every weekend, Coach Ty organizes numerous enjoyable outdoor activities including chess, Nerf Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, a blitz (speed chess) for 2 hours/$44 per person!

Please email directly to Coach Ty at digcoachty@gmail.com to schedule it with him,

See link below to make a payment,

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