DIG Chess offers “Chess Themed” Party

DIG Chess hosts chess-themed parties for birthdays, holidays, and or any other special events! We will do a variety of chess activities such as speed chess, bughouse (team of 2 players chess match), pawn football, and other chess variants. Along with chess, we offer many fun activities like Nerf Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, GaGa Ball, Soccer, Flag Football and any other activities your child would like to do!


Cost (per hour per participant) $22

  • 2 hour event – $44 per participant
  • 1 1/2 hour event – $33 per participant
  • 1 hour event – $22 per participant 


Please contact Jithu Sajeevan, at (860) 801-7630 or email DIGCoachYulia@gmail.com with any questions!

See some pictures below!

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