DIG Chess team challenge this Spring 2024!

DIG Chess team challenge details!

We are excited to offer a DIG Chess team challenge! Each player will be placed into two
groups, and they will have a variety of activities they can do to score points. Each time
their child completes a chess activity, parents will have to take a picture and send it to
the WhatsApp group. Once registered, the parent of the child will be added to the
WhatsApp group. Challenge will go from May 6th to May 20th. Winning team will be
invited to a pizza party with chess, video games, dodgeball & Nerf for 2 hours. Pizza

Details & Dates:


May 6th to May 20th


Price: $ 25 per student.


1 point (Maximum of 3 per day):

● Play a 10-minute game on chess.com.

● Solve 5 puzzles a day.

● Join DIG Chess Team group on chess.com: 

https://www.chess.com/club/dig- chess-team

● Share a fun fact about chess.

● Name a grandmaster and their most famous move

● Play a 10-minute game on chess.com.

● Take a picture of yourself playing chess with your family members (Dad, Mom,

Siblings, etc.).

● Ask a chess trivia question in the chat.

2 points (Maximum of 3 per day):

● Solve puzzles over the board (not on chess.com).

● Watch a chess movie and tell us what you liked/learned about it

● Demonstrate a chess opening/ending and why its good

● Play against a DIG Chess Team Player online or in-person.

● Play in a DIG Chess rated tournament.

● Play against the coach online.

● Do Puzzle battle on chess.com.

Watch a chess video on YouTube and tell us what you learned.

3 points (Only 1 per day):

● Analyze your own game and write down three things that you need to work on.

● Get on a Zoom call with your team members.

● Play in a DIG Chess rated tournament and win 2nd or 3rd place.

● Draw a beautiful picture related to chess.

● Buy a chess book.

4 points (Only 1 per day):

● Increase your rating by 100 points on chess.com or USCF rating.

● Play in a DIG Chess rated tournament and win 1st place.

● Invite a friend to a DIG chess lesson.

● Write a song about the DIG Chess Team. You need to impress Coach Jithu with

the song to get all 4 points.

5 points (Only 1 per day):

● Teach the class a new lesson. The player needs to be prepared and must do a

slideshow presentation or bring worksheets to the class.

● Beat Coach Jithu in a 5-minute – 30-second match. Coach Jithu has 30 seconds,

and the player will have 5 minutes.

If you have any questions, please email/text Jithu Sajeevan at digcoachjithu@gmail.com or 860-801-7630


To pay please use link below,


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