Summer 2024! 

New edition to DIG Chess classes: all kids will be given DIG Chess lesson package on the first day of class based on their level. Package includes various classwork and homework that will teach our students different strategies to improve their game!

DIG Chess group classes in Greenwich, Summer 2024!


We offer 3 levels for chess practices :

Determination (beginner, US Chess Rating between 100-400)
Integrity (intermediate, US Chess Rating between 400-700)
Regional (advanced, US Chess Rating between 700+)

Details & Dates: 


5-6pm Determination/Integrity Level IN PERSON (We will have 2 coaches for each class to divide players by levels. Each player will have a lesson plan worksheet to follow along)

6-7pm Determination/Integrity Level IN PERSON (We will have 2 coaches for each class to divide players by levels. Each player will have a lesson plan worksheet to follow along)


6/17, 6/24, 7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, 8/5, 8/12 and 8/19 – 10 classes



DIG Chess group class at the Greenwich Public Library (101 W Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT) 



Cost: 10 weeks summer session – $250 per session/10 weeks summer session with lesson plan.

We also offer DIG Chess team challenge, dates are TBD


DIG Chess team challenge is a great way to get our kids active with their chess skills and have fun! Each player will be placed into two groups, and they will have a variety of activities they can do to scope points. Each time a child completes a chess activity, parents will have to take a picture and send it to the WhatsApp group. Activities include playing chess match with parents, doing puzzles, going on a chess date with another DIG chess player from your team. etc. 

Once registered, the parent of the child will be added to the WhatsApp group. The challenge will run from TBD The winning team will be invited to a pizza party with chess, video games, dodgeball, and nerf for 2 hours. Pizza will be provided. 

Here’s the link with details:


  • When you follow link below to make a payment, please pick which weekly class student will be coming from drop down option. 
  • Players can also join other level classes to make up classes if needed, they just need to let us know in advance. 
  • We work with each family to make sure each kid gets all their group and private lessons in each season.

What makes the DIG Chess group class Unique?


  • Quality coaches that make the lessons fun.
  • All coaches follow the DIG Chess Lesson plan based on each level. Each lesson plan covers one specific topic so that the students can grasp the concept and remember it.
  • Students are given chess worksheets to work on during class.
  • Each student can join the DIG Chess Team Challenge/$25. There are two teams, Team Bishops or Team Knights. The students are split evenly so that both teams have similar level players. Students obtain points for their team in many different ways. Here are some ways that students can earn points: 1 point by playing a 10 minutes game on, 2 points by watching a chess video on YouTube and emailing a coach what they learned, 3 points for competing in a rated chess tournament, 4 points for increasing his or hers or USCF rating by 100 points and 5 points for teaching a lesson to a DIG class.
  • Students have the opportunity to volunteer to coach kids that don’t have the means to pay for chess coaching. The DIG Chess Team has many free chess classes in underprivileged locations.
    Shusa Deng – Joshua’s Mom – Weston, CT

    Dig chess is great! All the coaches are very knowledgeable, encouraging, and fun to work with. My son loves to learn chess there!

      Yulia Coggin – Paul’s mom – Easton CT

      My experience with DIG Elite team has been wonderful. My son Paul, 9 years old has been receiving outstanding chess learning experience. The coaches are very dedicated to provide top chess knowledge and personalized support. There have been very easy communication between parents and coaches, all questions have been answered fast and professionally. Paul looks forward to each chess lesson to improve his skills, get socially engaged with other players and build teamwork experience. Paul has been enthusiastic about his progress since he joined DIG Elite team. DIG Elite team has been teaching every angle that definitely helps him to better his performance. Chess is #1 favorite activity for Paul and that would not be achieved without help from DIG Elite team coaches. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the chess learning experience Paul received at DIG Elite team has been awesome and continues to be!

        Rachel Solomon – Harrison’s Mom – Westport, CT

        My son expressed an interest in chess and DIG came highly recommended. After the winter session, he has shown much improvement and equally important feels part of the team. Jithu is a wonderful coach who runs a nice comprehensive program. Highly recommend it to anyone asking.

        DIG Elite Chess Director

        Coach Jithu has competed in many national and international chess tournaments. His USCF Rating is 1976 and at one point, he crossed over 2000. He knows how to train chess players and bring them to the next level while also making the game fun. Jithu gives personalized instruction the students and parents about which tournaments are a good fit for each player, helping them to enjoy chess no matter winning or losing. Due to his great work, Jithu was selected as the 2021 DIG Coach of the Year.

        DIG Chess Team Accomplishments

        DIG Elite Chess Team players participate in many tournaments.

        Here are a few of our Elite player’s big achievements:

          Cody Wu is ranked 84th in the United States for 8 year old boys with a US Chess rating of 1204. He is ranked #1 in Connecticut. In less than a year, his rating went from 317 to 1204.

            Adaora Enu is ranked 81st in the United States for 8 year old girls with a US Chess rating of 425. She is ranked #1 in Connecticut. In less than a year, her rating went from 107 to 425.

              Jithya Sajeevan is ranked 83rd in the United States for 14 year old girls. As a 13 year old, she placed 1st in the 2022 Foxwoods Open and won a $1000 cash prize. Her US Chess rating is 1173. When she started with DIG, her rating was 360.

                Sebastian Lopez has a US Chess rating of 1509. In 2022 as a 7th grader, Sebastian won more than $3,000 in cash prizes at various chess tournaments around the Northeast region. At that 2022 Foxwoods Open (U1400 section), he placed 2nd and won a $1500 cash prize. Sebastian was featured on News 12 for his rapid chess development. Sebastian also voluntarily taught students at the Bridgeport Library. Because of his great performances and giving back to the community, Sebastian was selected as the 2022 DIG Player of the Year.

                  Adi Mital won the 7th Grade CT State Championship and years later, he won the 11th Grade CT State Championship. Adi also voluntarily taught students at the South Norwalk Library. Because of his great performances and giving back to the community, Adi was selected as the 2019 DIG Player of the Year.

                    Sebastian Deliz has a US Chess rating of 1084. As a 5th grader, he placed 2nd in the Bridgeport Open Chess Tournament (U1250 section) and won a $225.00 cash prize and qualified to play in a round-robin blitz championship with MVL (Current World Blitz Champion).

                      Paul Coggin tied for 1st in the 2023 CT State Championship in the Elementary School Section.

                      10% referral is available

                      Refer a friend to join the DIG Chess Team and get 10% off your next session! You can tell them that they can try one group class for free to see if they like it and when they sign up for a package, you will get 10% credit for the your child’s next season! If you get multiple new kids to join, then we will continue to add 10% for each new kid! 

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